How To Embed PDF in Blogger Post (2023)

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Friends, if you also want to Embed PDF in Blogger and are searching on the internet how to embed pdf in blogger then you are at the right place.

How To Embed PDF in Blogger Post

So in today’s post you will know how to embed PDF file in your blogger post. So as you all know, a lot of time we need to show PDF to our users, so it is very important for us to know this. How to embed pdf file in blockers post

And this is the best method till now on the whole internet which I will tell you and also the easiest one, let us know.

What Is Embed PDF In Blogger Post

So we call it Embed PDF In Blogger Post. When you want to provide a PDF file to your user, which he can view in your own website without downloading it and can download it if he wants, we call it Embed PDF In Blogger Post.

So by doing this your blogger post becomes SEO friendly and user friendly due to which more and more users like your website. So if you have a PDF website then it is very important for you to do this. So let us first look at its benefits. let’s know

What Benifits Of Embed A PDF File In A Blogger Post?

Organized Presentation:

Embedding a PDF in a table can help you present information in a structured and organized manner. Tables are great for displaying data, lists, or comparative information, and embedding a PDF in a table allows you to maintain that structure.

Visual Appeal:

Tables can enhance the visual appeal of your blog post. When you embed a PDF within a well-designed table, it can make your content look more professional and engaging.

Improved Readability:

Tables can improve the readability of your content, especially when dealing with data or complex information. The PDF can retain its formatting within the table, making it easier for readers to understand.

Multimodal Content:

Embedding a PDF within a table can provide a multimodal experience for your readers. They can interact with the embedded PDF by clicking on it to view, download, or print the document, enhancing the user experience.

Size and Space Control:

You can control the size of the embedded PDF within the table. This allows you to fit the PDF content neatly within your blog post, preventing it from taking up too much space or overwhelming the text.


If your blog post includes references or citations that are better explained in a PDF document, embedding it in a table allows you to cross-reference seamlessly. Readers can access the PDF without leaving the page.

Content Security:

Embedding a PDF in a table can provide a level of security for your content. Since the PDF is embedded, it may discourage users from copying or plagiarizing your content.


Ensure that the embedded PDF is accessible to all readers, including those with disabilities. Make sure to use alt text, provide text descriptions where necessary, and choose an accessible PDF format.

How to Embed A PDF File In A Blogger Post

So now you have to follow the steps given below

Step1:- You go to your blogger’s dashboard.

Step2:-After that click on New Post

Step3:-So now you click on the pencil button on the left side and click on HTML viewer.

Step4:-Now you have to copy this HTML code box given below.

Copy Embed Pdf file In Blogger

<iframe src=" your file id/preview" 
width="640" height="480"></iframe>

Step5:- Now after copying the code, paste it wherever you want to add it in your blogger post.

Step 6:- After Paste the code, In Next Step Go to Google Drive.

Step 7:- Upload who want to provide pdf file in Google drive.

Step 8:- After upload click pdf file and choose sharing option and change restricted to anyone link.

How To Embed PDF in Blogger Post

Step 9:- Copy the sharable link and after copying link, you will select only file id from copying link
How To Embed PDF in Blogger Post

Step 10:- After Copying file id, paste in the code where write “Enter Your File Id”

Step 11:- Now Last step is save your blogger post

So friends, by following all these steps, you can embed the PDF file inside your blog and website.


So friends, you must have known that you can do how to embed pdf in blogger, which anyone can do very easily. It has been told to you in this way, so if you liked today’s post, then you Let me know by commenting

And if you are facing any problem or want to write content on any other problem, then you can also comment and tell me and to see similar content, you can follow

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